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Why Join?

Northeast Jeep® Organization, Inc. or better known as NE Jeep, is a Jeep only, family-oriented, 21 and over wheeling club. NE Jeep was founded in April 2004 by a group of Jeep enthusiasts who love the sport of off-highway driving and testing their Jeeps’ potential on the trail. NE Jeep is incorporated in the State of Connecticut but has members located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and Connecticut. NE Jeep has no minimum or maximum tire size requirements. Build’em or not, NE Jeep’s goal is to wheel, respect nature and the environment, and work with the wheeling community for public land access and promotion of the responsible wheeler. Above all else, NE Jeep is interested in quality members as opposed to quantity. We are an extended family with deep-rooted friendships and a sense of camaraderie.

NE Jeep Member Benefits:

  • Organized, member-only monthly trail rides
  • Several annual member-only camping and wheeling trips between May and October
  • Monthly public meet & greets- many of which do not take place in bars, making our get-togethers family friendly without taking away from adult interaction
  • Quarterly Board of Directors’ meetings open to all members
  • Knowledgeable members for online tech, fabrication and modification advice
  • Periodic wrenchfests – help with modifications or tool sharing
  • Club insurance policy
  • Club bulletin board with a members only section
  • Ability to organize unofficial trail rides via the Trailhead section of the bulletin board
  • Member 4″ sticker featuring the striking NE Jeep logo
  • Club RTI ramp
  • Access to private land via membership in the Northeast Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc. (NEA4WDC)
  • Membership to treadlightly!®

What do your dues pay for?

Your dues help pay for the administration of NE Jeep such as the server for the club’s website and bulletin board and maintaining the domain names; annual payment to the State of CT for incorporation; club insurance; post office box; materials for the club RTI ramp; upfront payment of campsites and other facilities for club events; membership to the NEA4WDC and treadlightly!®. The BOD, Founding Members, and Members do not benefit financially from club dues and/or donations.

How to Join

To become a member you must own a Jeep vehicle and be at least 21 years of age. Dues are $65 per membership year which runs from January 1 until December 31.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Review NEJEEP’s Bylaws
  2. Read NEJEEP’s Rules
  3. If you agree with NEJEEP’s Bylaws & Rules, fill out and sign the Application and mail to the PO Box on the application.

Note: Adobe® Reader® required to view/print the above PDF files. You can download it for free from Adobe® Systems Inc.

All applications for membership will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for approval each month. Therefore it would be helpful for you to introduce yourself to one of our officers or directors, founding members, site administrator, and/or a moderator, or be sponsored by a current member before applying.

You will be notified via e-mail once your application has been accepted. Payment of yearly dues is expected within 14 days of membership acceptance. Checks may be mailed to the post office box on your application. For your convenience, credit cards, bank transfers, and existing PayPal funds are accepted via Paypal, ID Please note an additional service fee of $2.25 will be required for all electronic payments.

Once your application has been accepted, your Message Board name will be added to the members only section of the bulletin board and you will receive a membership package in the mail.

Thank you for your interest in NEJeep: NEwhere, NEtime! We look forward to having you join our family. We strive to answer everyone’s questions but in the event yours is not answered here, feel free to contact us.

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